Huge Grizzly killed by motorcycle. Obama now wants to ban all motorcycles.

Obama is bowing to his PETA campaign contributors once again.  Typical.  Now he’s saying this incident is a hate crime now that large homosexual lobbying groups claiming this is similar to a Matthew Sheppard deal. 

Can’t  you just see the expression on the bikers face just before impact!  Can you believe a motorcycle killed this HUGE GRIZZLY? This grizzly  was hit by a Harley on Lolo Pass. This is the pass between Lolo, MT  and Kooskia,ID. Lolo Pass, elevation 5,233 feet (1,595 m), is a  mountain pass in the northern Rocky Mountains on the border between  the U.S. states of Montana and Idaho approximately 25 miles (40 km)  west-southwest of Missoula, Montana. It is famous as the location  where the Lewis and Clark Expedition crossed the summit of the  Bitteroot Range via the Lolo Trail on their outward and return  journeys in 1805/06. Look at the claws!

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e  biker spent three days in the hospital!  The  hog’s a wreck!  Lesson  learned
n’t go Bear Hunting with a Harley  –  They’re only good for one hunt!

This is typical of Obama.  One bear gets killed by a motorcyclist and now he wants to ban all motorcycles.  He has appointed a commission to investigate the “murder” and said it will cost 3 million dollars.  Tax and spend liberalism is going to be the death of this great country.

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