OKMED is taking a few days off, no thanks to Obama

The crew here at OKMED is taking a few well deserved days off to relax over the Labor Day holiday.  Fun fact, the liberal elites want you to believe Labor Day was negotiated by the Unions “fighting” for your freedom.  Well, kids, it had little to do with the unions, and actually we need to credit our great capitalists for these freedoms.  Historically, unions are to blame for insighting violence and creating a harsher environment for workers and their families.  In the past, there are numerous accounts of unions opening fire and fighting company owners for extraordinary wage increases and unrealistic compensation.   We need to give credit where credit is due.  If it weren’t for the graciousness of our CEO’s and bosses, we would be working around the clock for little pay.  So, make sure to thank your boss on the way out of the office.

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