A Real Cowboy

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4 Responses to A Real Cowboy

  1. That kid was having a consensual sexual relationship with that cow. The calf was their love-spawn. He put her down because she was going to go to the press. Just like those Hollywood liberals!

  2. Donkey says:

    I put down a number of animals in my day – and each time it took a piece of me with em. But to put down a calf is money in the bank – the veal bank that is.

    As to the Jesus reference – I don’t believe I ever read in scripture when God shot Jesus in the head with a rifle because he broke his back, but the kids got a great future as a preacher. Anyone who can pull at the heartstrings by relating a bunch of nonsense and still make people think you are “wise” is going to be raking in cash hand over fist. Come to think of it – he’d make a good Palin strategist.

  3. Anonymous says:


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